Roussos Beach Club is situated by the seaside of the village, which is why it is a little bit more hidden then other places. The road that leads to the complex is located near the beginning of Kavos opposite the taxi rank, in-between the corner supermarket and Odysseus; once you reach the end of that road turn left and continue for a couple more meters and on your right hand side you will see Roussos.

By plane:

The airport of Corfu is located 46km / 28 miles from Roussos and the area of Kavos. In order to get from there to your destination the two possible ways to do so are either with a taxi, a drive which will take one hour, with an approximate fare of 60-70€, or by using the Green Bus, with a journey lasting an hour and a half with a ticket which will cost 4,40€ per person one-way. To get to the Green Bus main station where your bus will be leaving for Kavos, you will need to hire a taxi from the airport to get you there; the trip from the airport to the main bus station is no more than 5 minutes long.

By ferry / boat:

Adult ticket: 6.5€, Child's ticket: 3.2€, Car ticket: 26.40€
One hour. The transport prices and time mentioned above refer to the journey between Igoumenitsa and Lefkimmi port, basically the port which is the closest one to our establishment. The distance from there to Roussos is 4km /2.5 miles. A taxi from there to Roussos will cost you 8€ and if you have arrived with a car you can follow the signs from there to Kavos; the trip should not take you longer than 8 minutes.

By car:

If you are driving from the airport, on the exit you will turn left and follow signs towards Lefkimmi. For the next 3.7km /2.3 miles continue driving straight and on the point where the road splits you will turn left again, drive for another 15km / 9.3 miles straight and on the roundabout after Moraitika you will take the first exit on your right, after 1.4km / 1 mile turn left and continue following signs towards Lefkimmi. After 16km / 10 miles you will then find the final signs for Lefkimmi, on that spot you will not turn left but continue going straight, following from now on signs towards Kavos. On the final crossroad on the highway towards your destination, after covering a distance of 4km / 2.5 miles you will find signs which lead you either straight forward to the port, left for Lefkimmi and right for Kavos, on that spot turn right and continue for 5km / 3 miles and by then you will have reached the village of Kavos, after 200m on your right hand side you will see the taxi rank and opposite from there is a little road inbetween a supermarket and Odysseus that will lead you to Roussos, at the end of that road turn left and in just a few meters further in turn right and you will have reached your destination.